The sixth CPRJ BBS and plastic packaging technology exhibition Factory Suppliers Manufacturers Quotes


The sixth CPRJ BBS and plastic packaging technology exhibition

Recently, with "environmental protection first, innovative and efficient" as the theme of the sixth CPRJ BBS and 

plastic packaging technology exhibition held in Suzhou.

This BBS attracted a total of more than 650 experts from plastic packaging on behalf of the whole industry chain 

enterprises at home and abroad and participate in, BBS covering plastic packaging the whole industrial chain, 

the depth of the focus on food and beverage, daily chemical and electrical business innovation and green packaging.

The scene is full of excitement and communication is everywhere.


Wu hongjun Deputy Secretary General of China Packaging Federation, said:"Green water green mountain is 

Golden Mountain Silver Mountain! Resounding words always remind us that environmental pollution control is 

imperative, green environmental protection will become a required course for enterprises, packaging industry is 

no exception.

Golden Sunshine Group has been strictly implementing this concept, our plastic packaging products green, 

durable, strict quality control to ensure the quality of products.

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